“You’re A Teacher, Your Salary Doesn’t Support My Vision” – Man Rejects Lady’s Proposal

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A 28-year-old lady has shared her story of how she missed her shot on target as her proposal to a man gone wrong.

In sharing her story, she has stated that after crushing on her colleague for many years waiting for him to propose but it wasn’t coming, she decided to propose to him.

In an attempt, her proposal was rejected because of her profession

The colleague told her she is a teacher, therefore she cannot help him to achieve his dream

“I am a 28-year-old woman, single and not yet married. I decided to shoot my shot, to one of my friends who just turned 30 since he’s single, focused and organized.

He answered me and said, ”You’re a school teacher, your salary doesn’t accomodate my vision board, i will pass.”

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