“You Should Have Said This Before Your Movie” Angry Nigerians Drag Toyin Abraham For Defending Tinubu

Toyin Abraham
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Angry Nigerians have taken to social media to drag Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham for defending the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Bola Tinubu.

This was following a live video between Kemi Afolabi and Toyin Abraham that captured moments the former angrily called out Toyin for supporting and defending Tinubu.


Although they did not exchange insulative words, Kemi Afolabi expressed anger because Toyin Abraham vouched for Tinubu.

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Kemi Afolabi iterated some issues in Nigeria, including the End SARS mass killings, fuel scarcity, poor conditions of public infrastructure and lack of social amenities for the less privileged.

Kemi Afolabi, who claimed she is not soliciting support from fans, narrated her ordeals when she was in dire need of treatment and admitted to a public hospital.

Nigerians drag Toyin Abraham for defending Tinubu

Many took to the comment section to drag Toyin Abraham for defending Tinubu without considering their dislike for him.


Some claimed Toyin Abraham purposely declared her candidate after her movie sold out in the cinema, claiming they would have boycotted her.


One Laviva wrote, “Toyin, you are talking in the nonsense. You should have said this before putting out your latest movie.”


“Toyin saying why not talk about police brutality and not End sars is that not what birth end sars? Even in Lagos, that tinubu resides, what was his response to that protest” one Esty noted.


Another one, accessories, wrote, “This Toyin will think she has sense, why didn’t she declare for Tinubu before releasing that ijakumo movie…..”


One Simbiii wrote, “Lol, it’s funny how she didn’t start her campaign before her new movie.”



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