Xenophobia: Here Is What The World Can Learn From Jehovah’s Witnesses In South Africa

Despite the irrational fear of strangers or biased attitude to violence toward foreigners termed as “xenophobia” that are flaming in South Africa, Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Africa have continued to display immense love and affection to foreigners.

In their usual style, while many South Africa indigenes have continued to kill and attack foreigners, Jehovah witnesses have continued to show love and affection to all foreigners, including their fellow members who are foreigners.

The display of love moved up higher few days ago as the indigenes welcomed thousands of their brothers and sisters from all parts of the world, most who are Africans, especially from Nigeria to an international themed: Love Never Fails.
The convention is slated to end tomorrow, Sunday.

On arrival, the South Africans welcomed the guests with a welcoming song composed in Sizulu or Zulu language.

The lyrics of their song goes: “it’s too far from your homes. ..welcome, it’s too late stand up brother, let’s go to our lodging place!” ….

As Jehovah’s witnesses go on with their convention, and display of love and unity, no doubt there is more to learn from this religious group.