Wizkid Splashes 10 Million On His Partner, Jada’s Birthday


Wizkid, in a grand and extravagant gesture, celebrated Jada’s birthday by exchanging a substantial sum of dollars for Naira, and they spent a staggering 10 million Naira in a club.

This lavish demonstration of affection was a testament to the depth of their relationship. It’s evident that their connection goes beyond the surface, and they share a profound bond. Notably, not only are they romantic partners, but they are also parents to two children, which adds another layer of complexity and depth to their connection.

Let’s recall that yesterday, Wizkid had taken to his Instagram to commemorate his mother. He shared a series of photos from her burial and accompanied them with a heart-wrenching caption, “Love you, my everything.” This expression of love for his late mother and the act of changing his profile picture to her image serve as a touching tribute during a period of mourning.

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However, these heartfelt moments were not without their share of controversy. In the weeks leading up to his mother’s burial, speculations and rumors abounded. Some questioned Riz’s emotional responses, with allegations that he was seen laughing just a day after the burial. Also, there were claims that he was overly emotional. The public scrutiny during a period of grief can be both challenging and perplexing.

Taking a step back to July 2023, Jada shared a heartfelt note on her Instagram page to celebrate their son AJ’s first birthday. Her words were filled with love and well-wishes for her child’s future. In a deep revelation, Jada also shed light on her experience as a working mother, highlighting the struggles of balancing a career with parenting. Her dedication to being there for her children exemplifies the challenges and rewards that come with motherhood.




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