Wizkid May Be In Trouble For Saying This About Buhari

Nigerian hip-hop singer, Ayo Balogun popularly known as Wizkid may find himself in trouble soon for lampooning the Nigerian President, Muhammodu Buhari.

The singer called the president ‘clueless’ this morning while comparing him to his American counterpart, Donald Trump.

Buhari and Trump

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In a tweet this morning, Wizkid said both are the same in thier style of leadership but noted that the only difference is that Trump knows how to use the Twitter more than Buhari.

His tweet reads: “Buhari/Trump same person lol only difference be say one sabi use twitter pass the other. Clueless!”
But some Twitter users disagreed with the singer’s claim, saying that
Buhari should not be compared to Trump.
According to them, Buhari probably is unconscious of his state, cannot take questions from live press conference reason for his less criticism, but Trump talks to his people.

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In the view of the social media bill which condemns hate or abusive speech outrightly, Wizkid may soon find himself in trouble with the government and the security agencies. It’s also expected that Mr. President’s men would come for him soon firing from all cylinders.

24 thoughts on “Wizkid May Be In Trouble For Saying This About Buhari

  1. Is there any hidden thing that buhari is a toy? The problem we have is that we don’t tell ourselves the truth. WizKid God bless you yanfu yanfu.

  2. Is wixkid really a politician or a singer? I think he should really go back to his music industry issues” he has no business in politics, or if he really wanna join politics, I think he should be done with his music career. And he should remember this* There is freedom of speech, but there is freedom after speech, this is 9naija not U.S if you really wanna become citizen of america then go on but don’t link this to your president, beware this is 9ja

  3. Wiz kid,, I don’t expect this meaningless words coming out of your mouth 👄,,,,
    I don’t blame you,,,

    Am your fan’s but you have spoiled show…..
    Mr president it’s not your mate,,, watch your tongue

  4. Freedom to say anything ,curse or prayer as far buhari did not die by wizzy statement, wait a minute fela anikulapo said much more about the same man,was it negative or positive, ..golfer men.t…pls..stop keeping money u didn’t sweat 4,,,,else ur offspring will b extinct and killed 4 father s unrighteous way,,…..people say more than what wizkid said and are not up to him in standard…
    One day governmental way may give way if Nigeria is 2 b stable,, with violence we take it by 4oxce

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