Wife Gets Plastic surgery Of Her Face, After Husband Refused To Share His Phone’s Unlock Password 

In a bizarre incident wife got plastic surgery done to look similar to her husband. What initially gave people a relationship goal turned out to be a case of heated verbal argument between a husband and his wife.


The fauxy reported that Sneha got married to Akash three years back, like any other love marriage they both had a beautiful chemistry until Akash refused to share his phone’s unlock password with his wife. Sneha tried multiple times to convince Akash to share his password but Akash who had never said no to Sneha, for the first time said no, making Sneha furious.


Sneha pretended that she’s letting this go and on Akash’s next b’day she gifted her latest iPhone with face recognition lock. Sneha had bigger plans. Once Pranav changed phone Sneha got her plastic surgery done and now they both look exactly similar. Will Sneha be able to unlock Akash’s phone? What’s Akash hiding?

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