“Why I Am Scared To Tell Everyone Why I Ended My Engagement” Fancy Acholonu Spills, Exposes Him

Alexx Ekubo Fancy Acholonu
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The estranged fiancee of actor Alex Ekubo, Fancy Acholonu has revealed why she can’t spill the teas on their failed engagement.

The America model who seems to be bottling up a lot of information about the actor, has revealed his true personality.

Contrary to people’s positive opinion about the actor, Fancy described him as a full-blown narcissist and borderline sociopath.

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She stated that Nigerians wouldn’t understand what it’s like for her to deal with a partner like him.

“I’m scared to tell everyone why I ended my engagement!! You don’t understand what’s it’s like to deal with a partner who is a Nigerian, and a full blown narcissist and borderline sociopath”.

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