Who wore it best? Nengi and Tacha dress up like Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj wore this red outfit for the premiere of Rupaul’s Dragrace show in 2020. She donned a flawless red frontal wig, matched perfectly with a stunning red leotard and a sheer gown embellished with red beads on the bodice and wrists.

Nengi Hampson, a famous reality TV personality looked so much like Nicki in her version of this outfit.

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From the makeup to the hairstyling, we have to thank Nengi’s glam team, especially the designer, Lady Beelionaire, who absolutely nailed the look. Nengi looked just as glamorous as Nicki did , it’s a perfect copy, probably because they have a similar body shape

Tacha Akinde, a reality TV personality sought the expertise of fashion label, 2207 by Tbally for her version of this look.

Tacha’s outfit had many structural differences, instead of wearing a thong, she wore red shorts. We are not sure how we feel about that. If you want to cosplay, why not just go all the way? Plus, the hem of her gown seemed too thick.

Tacha looks like Nicki, but in this picture, her wig wasn’t laid to perfection as Nicki’s was. We think Nengi won this round of who wore it best, what do you think?

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