Who Will Tell Olori Wuraola To Watch Her Weight?

There is no doubt that Her Royal Majesty, Olori Wuraola Zynab Otiti Ogunwusi, the wife of Ooni of Ife is a woman of affluence and nobility. This is conspicuous in the aura that surrounds her majesty even before she rose to become Olori. She is one of the finest beaus around with nice sexy body, which was part of the features that endeared her to his royal majesty.

However, after becoming Olori, our once upon a time queen seems to have given in to the royal exigences and as a result has abandoned her former way of life. In recent time, the delectable Olori has added so much weight and seems to have lost all her fashion etiquette…

Olori before now


Recently, she was spotted at a birthday function in Lagos looking chubby. If not for her well familiar face, it was hard for many to quickly recognize her and we heard many talking in hush-hush tone that she really needs to watch her weight, but who will really tell her?

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