Who Is After Fuji Musician Obesere?


Famous Fuji musician, Abass Akande popular known as Obesere is a singer who has won the hearts of many through his eclectic style of music, dance steps and philanthropy, but despite becoming a formidable force in the music industry, Obesere has continued to fight some battles from those perceived to be his cynics and detractors.

While you may recall the alleged rape issue, then his name and reputation were dragged to the mud, but God vindicated him.

Report reaching benconews now has it that Obesere is in for another envy and malign, which is said to be coming from one of his trusted aides.

Ayo Jamiu

According to report, a former employee who now resides in London, Ayo Jamiu is playing some politics both in the open and close door to stop Obesere installation as the Agbaakin Bobagunwa of Yoruba kingdom.

Obesere is on the verge of being installed as the Agbaakin Bobagunwa of Yoruba land by the Olubadan of Ibadan, but Jamiu who had formerly worked with Obesere’s arch rival, Wasiu Ayinde before joining Obesere’s group, is working against that through his campaign of calumny, both online and offline.

According to an insider in Obesere’s camp, Ayo Jamiu is a traitor and an ingrate, who after benefiting from his former boss and benefactor, is now bent biting the finger that fed him.

You can read the inside story below as put together by the insider.

I was moved to tears when I saw what Ayo Jamiu, self acclaimed Adedibu of London posted against Obesere on his facebook wall, knowing what the tribal-marked Obesere errand boy turned promoter benefitted from the man he is now ganging-up against.
What first came to my mind was when the same Ayo Jamiu, a stark illiterates then, cried to Obesere’s house in the spirit of being from same Ibadan, narrating how he was disgraced by Wasiu Ayinde.That was in the early 90s.
That was how Ayo Jamiu turned himself to a leech on Obesere’s skin untill the easy going and highly respectful music idol facilitated his relocation to the United Kingdom in 2002.
I was therefore surprised seeing Ayo’s malicious post against PK1st on the AGBAAKIN ABOBAGUNWA title, icing the attack with Wasiu Ayinde’s music. A clear indication of a GANG-UP and betrayal.
I later learnt that Ayo Jamiu’s grouse against his former benefactor was over an unpaid stipend commission from an engagement, throwing goodwill to the winds and determined to destroy the fingers that once fed him. Too sad.
On the AGBAAKIN ABOBAGUNWA title, I personally spoke with Olori Rasheedat Adetunji who was alleged to be involved in the palace gang-up against Obesere and I got a call from the Palace spokesman, Yanju Adegboyega who gave a clear picture of the intrigues and politics in the Olubadan palace.
Ayo Jamiu’s unwarranted attack on Obesere is a big lesson for us to be very careful with people we help or associate with.
As for Obesere’s chieftaincy, the ceremony still holds on Thursday May 2, 2019 at Kakanfo-Inn, Ibadan.


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