What turns me on in a man — Evia Simon

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Not many men can resist a woman like Nollywood actress, Evia Simon. If her voluptuousness and alluring sexiness doesn’t get at you, her subtle, warm manners are sure to open your door.

She’s as adorable as she’s desirable. And in a recent chat with Potpourri she reveals what turns her on in a man.

“What turns me on in a man is his generosity. Not just to me but to everyone around him; near or far. What turns me off in a man is laziness and someone who doesn’t care about people but himself alone,” she asserts.

Evia, who recently released some hot, sizzling pictures on social media to reveal the beautiful job she has done on her body in recent times, also told Potpourri her past experiences regarding romantic relationships.

“My heart has been broken more than 999 times and shattered several times. What I did was to build an unbreakable wall around me so as not to let my heart be broken again and if you can break the wall and penetrate through, then maybe you are the right person. I have also had my share of bad relationships. I have seen and met 999 wrong guys who think I am made, not knowing I am managing my life and hustling to survive,” she states.

Evia Simon has come a long way in the movie industry. She started acting in 2007 but officially began her journey in Nollywood in 2011. She’s an actress as well as a producer.

Some of her films include; Child Not Bride, Unbreak and Mind’s Eye. She has seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Nollywood.


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