What I Told Trump When He Aksed Me About The killing Nigerian Christians – Buhari Makes Powerful Revelation

President Muhammadu Buhari has finally lifted the lids on his response to Donald Trump after the United States president accused his government of treating the killing Christians in Nigeria with soft gloves.

Speaking on Tuesday, September 8, during the second day of the one year retreat for ministers and top government officials, Buhari said he told Trump that the crisis between the herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria is not religious but cultural.

The president further disclosed that he found himself in a difficult situation while responding to Trump because the killing in Nigeria, especially the one on the cultural radar, has been an age-long problem that even predated his government.

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Recall that Buhari and President Trump met in Washington on April 30, 2018, to discuss issues bordering on the fight against insurgency, the economy, among others, and how the two countries could join hands together.

“I believe I was about the only African among the less developed countries, the president of United States invited, and when I was in his office only myself and himself, only God is my witness, he looked at me in the face, he said ‘why are you killing Christians?’” Buhari said.

“I wonder if you were the person how you will react. I hope what I was feeling inside did not betray my emotion.

“So, I told him that the problem between the cattle rearers and stagnant farmers I know is older than me not to talk of him (Trump). I think I am a couple of years older than him.

“With climate change and population growth and the culture of the cattle rearers, if you have 50 cows and they eat grass, any root to your water point, they will follow it, it doesn’t matter whose farm it is,” the president revealed.

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