Video: Pretty Mike Takes His 6 Baby Mamas Who Are All Pregnant To William Uchemba’s Wedding

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Pretty Mike has a freaky way of grabbing attention and he did that in style when he attended William Uchemba’s marriage ceremony.

The Nigerian socialite actually stormed the place with six pregnant women who are allegedly his girlfriends. For a moment you might it’s a big joke created by computer graphics but the more you watch it, the more you believe how eccentric Mike is after parading and flaunting his women.

The ladies took turns to be introduced and as of press time, the internet is still buzzing with a lot of reactions. Sharing the post on his page, Mike wrote;


LAGOS ZADDY LIVE #williamsgottheoscar PM and his 6 Baby Mothers to be 😻…. no film trick, we are just living our best life #ABetterTime #HappyHome #Familyiseverything #babybum.

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