Vector jabs music producer Samklef for claiming Nigerians don’t care about lyrics

Nigerian battle rapper Vector has hit out at music producer Samklef for saying that Ngerian music fans do not care about good lyrics.

According to the popular music producer, Nigerians would rather appreciate a song with a good beat that they can party to and cannot be bothered about lyrical content of songs.

He added that the kind of music that sells is the song with a simple hook and easy lyrics that everyone can sing along.

Samklef said:

“Lyrics no dey sell for naija we just want party and Dey alright. Simple hook repeat am twice everybody singalong.”

Vector, known for his lyrical prowess reacted to Samklef’s post by telling the producer to stop deceiving the public.

He said that the problem with Nigerian music is not the lyrics but rather the sense of greed among musicians.

“Sam you no get sense with this talk wey you talk. No Dey mislead people with funny talk. You know say naija problem no be lyrics… Na thief sense of greed. No vex if you vex. Lol” he said.

Check out their interaction below:

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