UBA Excites Customers With ‘RIA Transfer’


With a worldwide network in over 140 countries,  RIA allows you receive money directly into your UBA account or cash at a UBA Branch close to you from friends and family living abroad.

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  • Safe and secure
  • Receive transfers within minutes
  • Receive money directly into your UBA Account or cash at a branch
  • Service available to UBA account and non-account holders
  • Competitive rates and fees
  • How it works

    Cash at Bank
    • Sender sends money transfer details (transaction code/Pin and customer contact details) to beneficiary.
    • Beneficiary visits a UBA branch fills and submits a RIA ‘Receive Money Form’ at the counter
    • Beneficiary collects transfered amount in Naira

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    Transfer to Account
    • Beneficiary gives Sender their UBA Account details
    • Sender selects ‘Cash to Account’ option on the RIA platform
    • Beneficiary is credited immediately
    • Requirements

      • The service is available to UBA account and non-account holders.
      • Accepted forms of identification include, International passport, Driver’s license, permanent voter’s card.