Top 5 Countries With The Most Valuable Currencies In Africa 2021

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It is common knowledge that the value of currencies around the world change on a regular basis.

In some parts of the world, some currencies are considered stronger than many others, Many people are familiar with some African currencies, but not everyone knows the worth of these notes.

On the basis of this, we bring you the top 7 countries with the most valuable currency in Africa. The below list will give you an idea about the most valuable currencies in Africa and which exchange rate will be the most profitable.

1. Libyan Dinar Libyan Dinar is the most valuable currency in Africa. 1. Libyan Dinar (1 USD – 1.43 LYD).

2. Tunisian Dinar This is the second most valuable currency the continent of Africa has produced. Tunisian Dinar (1USD – 2.90 TND). Libya is a country in North Africa.

3. Ghanaian Cedi (1USD – 5.75 CEDI) Ghana is a country that has consistently worked on its currency to give it enough value. The Ghanaian Cedi (1USD – 5.75 CEDI).

4. Moroccan Dirham Moroccan Dirham is trailing Ghanaian Cedi. (1 USD – 9.87 Mad). Morocco can be found in North Africa.

5. Botswana Pula Botswana has the fifth most valuable currency in Africa. (1 USD – 11.86 Pula). The country, which is in Southern Africa, has a population of 2.3 million people, according to its 2019 census.


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