“To Defend Davido Don Dey Hard” 30bg Fans React Following All The Accusations Mounted On Davido


Davido, has recently found himself embroiled in a series of online controversies, from accusations of unpaid debts to social media spats. These incidents have not only drawn public attention but have also left his core fanbase, the “30 BG” gang, divided over their unwavering support.

In just a span of two weeks, Davido has been at the center of several online confrontations. It began with an altercation with Samklef, who posted a congratulatory video and message to Davido and his fiancée, Chioma, for their twins. Davido’s sharp and public response led to name-calling and blocking.


The following week saw Davido liking a negative tweet about Big Brother Naija’s Phyna, which ignited a feud. Davido claimed it was a mistake and that he didn’t even know her. This public spat drew in other Big Brother Nigeria celebrities, amplifying the online tension.

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Amidst these online battles, serious accusations of unpaid debts have come to light. Abu Salam publicly alleged that Davido owed him a staggering 218 million Naira, along with claims that Davido had threatened him for requesting payment.


Subsequently, Blessing CEO accused Davido of owing a businessman known as IVG 4.5 million Naira, intended to complete a car purchase for his aide, Israel. The mounting debt allegations added fuel to the online fire.

The latest episode in this unfolding drama involves Dammy Krane. He recently accused Davido of owing him money, further fueling the online war. Dammy Krane’s provocative statement about unfortunate incidents surrounding Davido’s acquaintances stirred even more controversy.



Davido’s core fanbase, known as the “30 BG” gang, has started to express their concerns. Some of his staunch supporters are reportedly reconsidering their allegiance due to the mounting allegations and controversies surrounding him. They are finding it increasingly difficult to defend the star.



One fan admonished people who were still supporting Davido in the face of his oppression.


_bigspence & 1h


“Poorman children go still side davido for this one. Make he pay the guy, na oppression be this”


Another fan sympathized with Davido’s core fan lamenting that it must be difficult


lov sophie 1h


“Being a davido’s fan must be exhausting”


Another believes that davido should do the needful to avoid the long talks


ovieoftoronto # 1h

This matter don too long o . Davido should be the mature guy, pay those guys off and avoid them . Samklef is on another side . Then IVD statement another angle . Davido is bigger than this.”


One fans also believe that he is beginning to make things uncomfortable for his fans


obolino0307 1h


“David just needs to pay up and stop this embarrassment. This is becoming very uncomfortable for his fans”

This fan believes that being a 30 bg gang memeber is becoming hard work as a fan


naijabiden 35m


“To Defend David don Dey hard ( shuuuuuuu”







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