Tips To Guide And Encourage You As You Prepare For 2021

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10 Tips To Guide And Encourage You As You Prepare For 2021

2020 is rounding up gradually and what a year it has been!

Here are TEN nuggets to guide and encourage you, as you prepare for 2021.

Don’t be afraid of the next man making it before you. Always remember that your divine timing is different from theirs, protect your soul.


Don’t be sad when someone else effortlessly gets what you have been hoping and praying for, all these years. Work smart and pray hard!

Don’t worry about the seemingly great opportunities you lost and may never get again. You don’t know what is around the corner.

Don’t hate or backbite on that individual who everything seems to be working for and who’s living your dream.

Don’t mock or deride the less fortunate, the downtrodden, those who are down on their luck.

Don’t compare your life with that of anyone else, even your close relatives, for any reason whatsoever.

Don’t choose mentors who do not have good pedigree, integrity, high moral values and a proven track record.

Don’t let your environment and your circumstances, dictate how far you can climb and how far you can go in life.

Don’t be moved by what people say about you or to you, but by what your inner voice says and the incredible visions that keep you awake at night.

And lastly, don’t allow dream killers slow down or stop your growth trajectory, neither allow them to determine how long it will take to get to your destination.

In 2021, get ready for a big turn around.

Be inspired!

God bless!

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