“They Never Drag Wizkid Or Burna, Always Jim” Reactions As Davido Is Called Out For Owing A Business Colleague 218 Million


In recent news, popular Nigerian musician Davido has found himself in hot water as a businessman accused him of owing a significant sum of money – a whopping 218 million Naira. This issue has sparked public attention, as the businessman, known as Abusalami on Instagram, called out the musician for not fulfilling an agreement they had.

Abusalami disclosed that he had paid Davido this substantial amount, with the purpose of supporting a project for children. However, things took a twist when Davido failed to follow through on his end of the deal, leaving Abusalami in a tight spot. According to the businessman, Davido’s lawyers and associates have reportedly been pressuring him.

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The businessman explained that he had initially handed over 218 million Naira out of an agreed 326 million Naira for the project. He had big plans, including traveling to 20 different states with an 11-member production team to find young talented footballers. However, the whole project was derailed when Davido canceled his involvement. Abusalami revealed that this cancellation alone cost him an additional 42 million Naira.

Abusalami claimed that he had tried to reason with Davido, even asking him to share a promotional video for the project. However, according to the businessman, Davido declined this request. To support his claims, Abusalami shared screenshots of his alleged chat with the musician.

Since Abusalami’s accusations became public, Davido has yet to issue a response. This has led to various reactions from people on the internet. One significant reaction revolves around the observation that Davido appears to frequently face accusations and controversies, unlike some of his fellow A-list musicians such as Burna Boy and Wizkid.




stansnOw: “Never heard anyone saying Burna or Wizkid is owing them. Why always Davido? Davido needs to do something about it.”

effedeborah: “Wizkid Fc gather here. We don’t do drama.”


usendollar: “Truth be told! My OBO can never do such! He’s recently richer and more influential than Jay-Z! But because he’s Nigerian, we always downgrade our own.”


cartelways07: “It reaches your favorite… y’all saying you need to hear from both sides, but when it was that of Naira Marley you didn’t wait to hear from both sides. You can’t be shouting and fighting for justice for Mohbad and still support your favorite when it comes to Bullying… since Davido can’t debunk his accusations, that means there’s an atom of truth in it. Irrespective of who is involved, always stand and fight against oppression! If he’s saying the truth, OBO should refund his money.”

ble_ssing_sunday: “We can’t verify this until Verydarkman is involved!”


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