The Spokesman Of A Presidential Candidate Once Took Him To Court In The Early 2000s – Rufai Oseni (VIDEO)

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A leading Nigerian journalist, Rufai Oseni, has advised Nigerians that politics is not a do-or-die affair, as politicians are quick to settle their differences. Oseni said this on VOP while addressing the embrace between Peter Obi and Governor Soludo at an event.

Addressing the topic, Rufai Oseni said, “One minute, politicians are at daggers drawn, and the next minute, they are hugging each other.” That is how they settle their differences. Yes, there will be reactions to the things Soludo said, but once they see each other, they will act like it never happened. Do not take things to heart, as people have moved on. The welfare of the people is more important. I wonder if people thought that they would ignore each other or attack each other. Both men are in their 60s, and they may have had relationships in the past.

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He continued, “People have said worse to each other.” I wonder if you have forgotten that the current spokesman for a presidential candidate once took him to court in the early 2000s. Are you surprised? These people are part of the Nigerian elite, and we are not.


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