How many Nigerian celebrity couples do you know with successful marriages? Let’s save you the stress. Tunde and Wunmi Obe is one of them. Tunde, a renowned musician is the dazzling and handsome husband of the bold, brainy and beautiful Wunmi; an uncommon songstress with great talent of humour. Together they form the notable and eclectic musical group: TWO. Though they have known each other for 26 years now, they only tied the knot 16 years ago. And just last week, the couple whose marriage has become a model for others marked their 16 years marriage anniversary. And why many are still wondering to know the secrets behind their successful marriage, Tunde in an exclusive chat with ‘Society People’ hinted that the success of his marriage is more than what meets the eyes. In his words, he said: “The bond we have is spiritual. We have disagreements at times on issues, but we always let the better argument prevails.”

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