The Final Countdown: What to do a week before your wedding

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It’s now the last countdown to the big day after all of your hard work in wedding planning! With one week to the wedding, we thought it would be useful to make a handy little checklist, a week-before wedding schedule to ensure things are not left to the last minute or, worse, forgotten about! This is a must-read for any couple in the last stages of wedding planning – clearly, not everything on the list will be applicable to you and your other half, so take what is relevant and discard the rest!


What to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

Your big day is approaching, and while it’s natural to feel stressed, it’s alright to rest. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything will be alright. You’ll look and feel your best when you’re well-rested.

Dress sizing

What to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

We hope you’ve viewed and tried on your bridal gown at least once by this point. This is, however, the moment for your final fitting so that there are no surprises.

Appointments for beauty services

What to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

Every day leading up to the wedding, you should maintain track of your vendors. Confirm the availability of your make-up artist, hairstylists, and even your nail technician, and schedule your salon run so that it does not conflict with other activities.

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Maintain a simple beauty routine

What to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

The week before your wedding is not the time to try an unknown or novel bridal beauty treatment, but if you adhere to the essentials, you should be OK. Facials, waxing, teeth whitening, and lash extensions, for example, should be finished at least a week before the wedding. Even if you’ve had these treatments previously, there’s still the chance of a negative reaction, which is the last thing you want just before your wedding. Other services, such as airbrush tans, manicures, and pedicures, can be scheduled two or three days in advance. Consider booking a hot shave and a haircut for the groom during the week coming up to the wedding.

Pack your honeymoon essentials

What to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

To be honest, you should start packing for your honeymoon as soon as possible, but save the last few days before your wedding to gather any miscellaneous items you intend to bring. Examine your honeymoon schedule and ensure that you have all of the relevant paperwork (passports, IDs, and confirmation numbers) with you.

Pack correctly

What to Do a Week Before Your Wedding

If you’re staying in a hotel the night before your wedding, you’ll need to pack your luggage early. This is one occasion when you’ll need to think carefully about what to bring. Returning home because you forgot something may be inconvenient.

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