The Coolest Nail Colors For The Season

Nail Colors For The Season
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Some best nail colours for the seasons in 2022.

What better way to transition into the season than with a new colour palette? There is inspiration all around you: Look no further than the pool’s sparkling blue hue, the lime green beach chair, the bright yellow sunnies, and the bronzy rays of golden hour for a summer mood board.

Start with your nails and incorporate all of them into your beautiful looks. After all, Polish options are relatively easy to switch up without a significant time commitment (unlike immaculate graphic liner, which takes a bit of practice).

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image 32.png

Having a cool nail colour will make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Maybe it’s your regular at-home manicure, or the one hour of peace and quiet you get every few weeks with your nail technician, or maybe it’s looking down at your hands at work and feeling put together—whatever it is, we know great manicures make you feel great.

Experts predict the hottest nail colours to try this summer:

image 34.png image 35.png image 31.png image 33.png fall nail colors teg gallery 1.jpg

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