TETFUND Unveils Groundbreaking BIMS For Tertiary Students


The Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) has introduced the innovative Beneficiary Identity Management Service (BIMS), designed to optimize the identification and management processes for students and lecturers across tertiary institutions nationwide.




Speaking at a distinguished educational summit, the Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman, celebrated the BIMS as a the gateway to globally recognized, world-class educational resources, inoculated by TETFund to transform Nigeria’s higher education landscape.

Professor Mamman articulated BIMS’s ambition to radically alter the manner in which students engage with educational services. It stands as the key access point for accreditation and authorization to the Tertiary Education Research Applications and Services platform (TERAS). The manifold advantages TERAS offers — spanning educators, students, and the wider educational community — are truly groundbreaking and demand complete engagement.

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In his insightful remarks, the Executive Secretary of TETFUND, Arc. Sonny Echono, illuminated the historic roots of the TERAS platform, a beacon of innovation born from the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Echono emphasized that TERAS is a masterfully crafted system, integrating diverse, vital elements with BIMS at its nucleus. The pioneering phase of BIMS saw the remarkable enrollment of over two million students and staff from partner institutions.

Key benefits bestowed by BIMS include refined enrollment and identification methodologies, Fortified data security and exactitude, Bespoke learning experiences, Access to custom educational services and Enhanced liaison between students and educational entities.

Echono emphasized the profound impact of integrating BIMS within TERAS, forging a holistic service ecosystem that benefits institutions, faculty, and students alike. This ecosystem offers: sponsored Mobile Internet Access, plagiarism detection with EagleScan, a collection of Journal and Research Subscriptions featuring esteemed sources such as EBSCO, the pioneering Blackboard Learning Management System, digital literacy initiatives like ICDL, advanced communication training, and crucial Intervention Funding.


Anchored by BIMS, TERAS stands ready to usher in a new era for education in Nigeria. The system ensures that the upheavals introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic transform into agents of positive evolution. With TERAS’s continual advancements, the horizon for Nigerian education is brilliantly luminous, pulsating with promise and potential.

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