Harrysong Apologises For Using ‘Stolen’ Pictures To Announce His Twins Arrival

Singer Harrison Okiri popularly known as Harrysong has reacted to the alleged fake photos of his newborn twins which he shared on the internet few days ago. According to the singer, the Instagram account @perezandtarela, that posted the picture was set up by his baby mama who is said to be ‘very reserved and media shy, despite being a successful business woman.’

A statement made by the singer’s record label team, Alterplate has it that ‘she created the account with the sole aim of cataloging the growth and development of her lovely twins. However, the account which was meant to run privately and operated by one of her younger siblings who mistakenly posted internet photographs was blown open after an obviously overjoyed Harrysong re-posted the first photos on his way from Port Harcourt.’

Admitting his mistakes, the singer said: “with every sense of humility, it was a huge and regrettable mistake.
To our fans and loyal followers, I say we are sorry for the confusion or any mix up the news may have generated.”
Earlier, it was reported upon investigation that the photos of the ‘oyinbo looking’ babies were actually of white babies in America and not his.

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