Sex Without Loud Moaning Produces Inactive Children, Says Pastor


Akwa Ibom Pastor, Prophetess Patience Akpabio has advised women to moan audibly when their husbands make love to them.
In a recent Facebook post, Akpabio referred to her husband as “orgasm general” She further  stated that  couples need to raise a bar for volcanic orgasms that is capable of producing freedom fighters not dumb kids.

According to her: ”Silent Sex without loud moaning produces silent and inactive children who cannot speak up for their rights in the face of tyranny”.

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Continuing, she said: “Moan out loud when he smashes your calabash. Make a joyful noise unto your starved neighbourhood. Raise a bar for a volcanic orgasms that is capable of giving us freedom fighters not dumb kids.
The Country is at stake, we need freedom fighters. Say no to silent sex”.
Her opinion has stirred a myriad of comments on social media
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