See What These Nigerian Women Did That Got People Talking

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Nigeria is fast becoming a resourceful nation as women in the country begin to take up initiative to do what would be described as a man’s job rather than stay idle.
A single mother of three in the city of Ibadan, Adeola, had ventured into the business of a tricycle rider to fend for herself and her family.

Adeola explained that she chose the business when she dropped out of school in Junior Secondary School (JSS) 3 after she got pregnant adding that her focus is now on her kids and her parents.

In the same vein, Ezenye Patricia, another woman in the city of Ibadan also engaged in the business to fend for herself after she lost her job.

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According to her, she once ran two private schools 18 years ago which occupied a rented land but she lost the job when the land owner had need for it.

These two women had engaged in the business for different reasons, however rather than stay idle they found a way to fend for themselves.

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