See What A Man Told His Daughter To Do That Helped Her Find A Husband In 3 Months After Many Years

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A Twitter user called Shola has taken to the microblogging platform to reveal how his father helped her sister to find a husband and also secure two jobs.

Shola recounted how her sister has been jobless and single for years until his father warned her not be seen in the house from 8am to 5pm. He didn’t tell her where to go particularly, he didn’t want her around the house within that time of the day.

Within the space of three weeks, her sister bagged a small job after following her father’s advise. In 3 months, she found a man and also had a better job.

Shola advised his followers to go out and find opportunities than to sit tight and wait for them. According to him, her father’s decision was not liked by the whole family but it was the best way to get her sister a man.

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