Safety Tips: 3 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe This Holiday As Revealed By UBA

safety tips from uba

Holiday period is a time many people do forget themselves due to the euphoria of the season. Most times, we often get carried away with the celebration, and at this time when we are less guarded, most thieves seize this opportunity to strike. As you enjoy your holiday, pay attention to these three safety tips from United Bank For Africa (UBA).

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  1. Keep your personal security information confidential. Never reveal your pin, BVN number to anyone even if the person claims he or she is from your bank.
  2. Use only your account for lawful transaction and avoid receiving funds from unknown third party. Awoof dey run belle o….!
  3. Report your stolen phone. Notify your bank and network service provider if you misplace your phone or change your phone number.
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