“Rudeboy Infected Me With COVID-19” – Jude Okoye

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Jude Okoye has however recovered from the infection however, the wife of Jude is however fighting the virus and is currently on oxygen support.

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Speaking with PUNCH, he disclosed that he tried to prevent himself from contracting the virus but his efforts proved futile.

“There is nothing I did not do in order not to contract the virus; I did social distancing, I stopped going out, I had hand sanitisers everywhere and I was wearing a face mask. But the fact that you have a cook that would go to the market and return, it takes just one person to bring it and pass it to the whole family. Just do your best because at the end of the day what will happen will happen.

“I believe I got the virus from Rudeboy because we normally sit together most times and he is the one that goes out for promotions. Somehow, I believe that I got it from him because I do not go out,” he said.

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