Reckless Lifestyle of Bling-Bling Pastor, Blessing Agboli

The rate at which some of the so called men and women of God has been going about the practice of the Christianity is kind of appalling, what would one think of a pastor who careless about the wellbeing of an average poor man or woman on the street. This cruel attitude has over the time pitch the wife of the General Overseer of the Victorious Army Church Pastor Mrs. Blessing Agboli against many well-meaning Nigerians.
Her love and passion for extravagance has over the time earned her all sort of publicity in the media and it is not surprising that her insatiable appetite for expensive jewelries has forced so many who felt the extravagance lifestyle of the GO’s wife may corrupt their wives away from her husband’s church.
She who is also supposed to be seen doing humanitarian things has also been accused of ruthlessness when it comes to dealing with the common man or woman out there, she was at a time said to have told her husband’s church members to beat-up a man who had the effrontery to ask her to move her car off the road in front of the church so as to ease the traffic that has started building due to her decision to park her car in the middle of the road.
Though she claimed in a recent interview that pastors who careless about the welfare of the needy in the society are not doing the will of God, but her lifestyle is singing a different song entirely as she did not play the role of a real role-model that she’s supposed to be, while members of the church are languishing in poverty she done expensive jewelries at every occasion a thing that forced a female member of the church to indulge in activities which did not glorify God. The lady in her quest to take after the Pastor’s wife generally called Mama by the congregation started sleeping with the wealthy men in the Church but it became an issue when a policeman was said to have died on her a situation that sees her expelled from the church.
The lady who felt cheated by the action was said to have storm the church during a Sunday service to accuse the pastor Mrs of leading her astray by her flamboyant dressing and Mama was said to have ordered the ushers to drag her out a situation that sees her receiving bruises all over her body in the course of the struggle, all these we gathered is happening while the self-professed defender of the oppressed looks on.
-Culled from Shokishombolo’s blog


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