Proactive and pragmatic voice of Nigerian Police Force in Lagos, Ngozi Braide has given famous Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande populary known as Obesere a clean bill of health on the rape scandal. The police report made available to us by the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO), has identified the accuser of being a blackmailer, extortioner and as well exonorates Obesere from the rape scandal. In her disclosure to Obesere’s publicist, Deola Adeoti in the morning hour of Friday, March 28th, 2014, Ngozi affirmed that the case was a frame-up.
In her words: “The investigation so far carried  out shows that it was a frame-up because the lady has refused to honour police invitation. And we have a doctor’s report that showed that she was not raped. Before you prosecute a case of rape, there are certain facts that must be proved. In our investigation,  we are made to understand that this lady on her own went to Obesere’s house in search of Obesere, that she located Obesere’s house and spent the night there. She was there cooking and everybody in the house ate.”
“People in the house have equally come to make statements. I think there was mutual relationship between them. I think during the period she was in the house, they had the canal knowledge of each other and she left him after which she went to the station to allege that she was raped.”
 Ngozi also established in her statement that there was a case of mutual relationship between both parties as well as an extortion attempt.
“Before she went to make such allegation, she had already contacted Obesere on phone to demand  certain amount of money that she was bleeding and so on… Obesere now invited her to a hospital. She went to the hospital, the doctor examined her and he didn’t see anything abnormal. And they said for further clarification she should go for scan. She left and never returned to the hospital.”
On the whereabouts of the lady, Ngozi said: “As I speak with you, with the address she left  at the station, we have tried to locate her  but we discovered it was false. I think it is a calculated attempt maybe to tarnish the image of the public figure.”
Ngozi said investigation is ongoing as to get to the root of everything. She said the police would not rest until the whole truth is unravelled.
 “When someone alleges of rape, it attracts a very serious punishment so we don’t handle such case with levity. The case is still under investigation  and at the end of the day we would make the outcome known to the public,” she ended.

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