Police Arrest Native Doctor, Grandmother And Stepmother Over Burning Of 13-Year-Old Teenager’ Hands

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The Police in Nasarawa has arrested a native doctor, grandmother and stepmother for allegedly involving in the burning of a 13-year-old teenager hands.

Benco News learnt that the stepmother accused the 13-year-old identified as Ovey Friday of having sex with her in the dream which made her to take the 13-year-old boy to a native doctor.

It was further learnt that the native doctor reportedly put a shinning stone in the 13-year-old boy hands, set them on fire and later put pepper.

According to reports, the left hand of Ovey Friday, the teenager whose hands were allegedly burnt by a herbalist in Nasarawa state has been amputated after he developed gangrene.

The 13-year-old teenager is in a stable condition and the functionality of his right hands depends on the healing time as assured by doctors.

However, Police has arrested the herbalist who allegedly burnt Ovey’s hands alongside with the teenager’s stepmother and grandmother. They are currently at the Nasarawa state criminal investigation and intelligence department alongside the victim’s grandmother and stepmother.

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PHOTO: Native Doctor
PHOTO: 13-year-old teenager whose hands were burned

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