“Please Forgive Our Father,” MKO Abiola’s Family Apologies To President Buhari

Following the honour bestowed on late MKO Abiola, who was named after Abuja stadium today, the family has openly penned down an appreciative message to the president, Mohammodu Buhari.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Hafsat Abiola, a daughter of the deceased, the family expressed their surprise in seeing the president honouring their father this way.

“If anyone had told the Abiola Family that it is you who would do us this honour, we would never have believed it.

You honoured my dad despite the relationship that existed between you and him.

You touched my heart.

You even apologized for the annulment that you never caused.

You touched my heart.

Let me, on behalf of the Abiola Family apologize to you too, to forgive my dad for whatever sin he might’ve committed against you and your family.

Please, forgive him.

Thank you, Your Excellency.”

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