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In the light of recent increased unscrupulous activities aimed at deceiving his Facebook audience, Matthew Ashimolowo, the senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC), has raised an impersonation alert and disclaimer to his church members, friends and admirers.
The respected pastor through a press statement expressed that a number of Facebook accounts have been created with the purpose of impersonating him and with other masked intentions.
According to the statement, the holders of this account purported to be the pastor are using guises such as Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Matthew Ashimolowo and Bishop Matthew .A. Ashimolowo and a spate of Friend Requests had been sent to people from these accounts. In some cases, there had been solicitation for donations/funds from its unsuspecting Facebook friends on the pretext of raising financial support for the ministry and various projects.
However, the pastor has categorically denounced the fraudulent, nefarious and unscrupulous act and stated that he has never solicited for, and will never; solicit for funds in clandestine ways.
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