Osinbajo Reveals Those Influencing Appointment Of Judges In Nigeria

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday, August 8, made a very powerful revelation concerning the factors influencing the appointment of judges in Nigeria.

During an online seminar on Saturday, Osinbajo revealed that the appointment of judges is majorly brought about by the power of the commercial, political and even religious elite, The Cable reports.

The vice president said that this section of the citizenry usually do this just to get ahead of the due processes and be favoured by the judicial system by choosing the judges to sit over their cases.

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Osinbajo said: “We have an elite and when I speak of elite, I speak of the Nigerian elite both political, religious, commercial/business etc. Everyone wants to get ahead, we want to own things, we want to control things and we want to own the judges too.

“The Nigerian elite want to be sure of all the outcomes and they want all the outcomes to favour them. That is the same pressure that we have with respect to the federal character.”

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He went ahead to say that with the situation of the country now, the issue of federal character is no longer feasible in this regard and that if nothing is done about to change the status quo, there will be bigger problem soon.

Nigeria’s number two citizen stated: “If we leave it to the system that is going on at the moment; we are clearly headed in the wrong direction because interest whether private, political or group influences how judges are appointed.”

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