Old Man Who Re-Wrote Entire Quran With His Hands Passes On (photos)

A young man identified as @official_mukhthar on Twitter has taken to the microblogging site to share the news of the death of an old man who achieved great feats in his religion, Islam

Mukhthar said that the old man had re-written the entire Quran with his hands and that he has now passed on.

Age is a limiting factor for many people as they are not able to do some things like they would have done during their youth.

Despite that, some old people have proven to be determined especially when it comes to matters of God.

The late old man had been known to re-write the entire Quran with his hands, a task that can take months for less dedicated people.

After Mukhthar shared the news of the man’s death, he also prayed for God to grant him the highest level of paradise.
The young man also shared photos of the old man writing the Quran with ink on a scribe. @official_mukhthar tweeted: “This man wrote the entire holy Qur’an with his own hands and died few days ago. May Allah grant him a highest level of paradise.” See his post below:

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