NNPP Presidential Nomination Forms Not N100m -Kwankwaso

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A former Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has assured his supporters that the New Nigeria Peoples Party would break records and achieve great fortunes in the 2023 general election.

According to him, NNPP is not like the All Progressives Congress that pegged its presidential Expressuon of Interest and Nomination forms at N100 million.

Kwankwaso said this on Saturday evening during the first National Executive Committee meeting of the NNPP held in Abuja.


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He said, “Let me remind Nigerians that our forms are on sale for the states Assembly positions and other positions here in the national secretariat for those who want to contest election.

“I want to encourage everybody to be like all of us here; to be people with foresight of men and women in this country. This party is for all nationalists who believe in this country.

“We want everybody to go and register in their wards. Forms are very cheap. Certainly not N100 million for presidential candidates and so on and so forth.”

Meanwhile, NNPP’s National Chairman, Prof Rufai Alkali, charged the National Working Committee of the party to work assiduously towards emerging victorious in next year’s general elections.

He said Nigeria needed to be salvaged from the grips of bad leaders and positioned towards greatness.

Alkali said, “You must all know that these responsibilities bestowed on us are a Trust we must all hold dearly and we must work very closely together to fulfil the manifest destiny of our hreat party and the nation.

“I need not remind you all that this party has re-bounced back into reckoning and into the Nigeria’s political space at the most decisive and challenging period of our nation’s history.

“I say decisive, because Nigerians for too long have been waiting for a political Party to salvage the Nation, to rescue our people from the visionless and directionless political elites that has abandoned the fundamental principles and grown norms of democratic governance.

“It appears to us most of the political elites have forgotten the past and do not look at the future beyond their noses. Gradually but systematically our great country Nigeria and the hardworking and innocent citizens of this country are being sacrificed on the altar of personal and selfish interests of a few whose primary objective is only to capture power, raw power, not in the service of the people but for their personal gains.

“I also say challenges because the damage inflicted on our country and our people is too deep and too pervasive. Today, there is no part of our national live which has been spared: our farming populations and our tradesmed; members of the business community and the professional; intellectuals and security personnel.”

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