Nigeria’s Data Price Among Lowest Worldwide – Report (FULL LIST)

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The World of Statistics has claimed Nigeria’s average data price is among the lowest worldwide.

The data body disclosed this through its official Twitter handle on Thursday.

The report highlighted the cost of 1 gigabyte of data across 39 countries, including the United States, Israel, South Africa, Italy, India, Nigeria and the Falkland Islands.

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It stated that the average cost for 1GB of data in Nigeria is N327.10($0.71) which is lower compared to South Africa, which is N939.93(R39.63 or $2.04).

The report added that Israel has the lowest average cost of 1GB of data costing $0.04, followed by Italy, which is $0.12.

The statics body gave a detailed list of country’s ranking in the cost of data as follows; Israel: $0.04, Italy: $0.12, India: $0.17, France: $0.23, Uruguay: $0.27, Bangladesh: $0.32, Pakistan: $0.36, Turkey: $0.39, China: $0.41, Denmark: $0.43, Malaysia: $0.45, Indonesia: $0.46, Russia: $0.48, Columbia: $0.49, Australia: $0.57, Spain: $0.60, Nigeria: $0.71 Brazil: $0.74 UK: $0.79 Austria: $0.94 Iceland: $1.01 Estonia: $1.20, Argentina: $1.48, Saudi Arabia: $1.52, Sweden: $1.88, Netherlands: $1.90, South Africa: $2.04, Venezuela: $2.22, Germany: $2.67, Mexico: $2.89, Portugal: $3.67, Japan: $3.85, Norway: $4.44, USA: $5.62, Canada: $5.94, Finland: $6.01, Switzerland: $7.37, South Korea: $12.55, Falkland Islands: $38.45.

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