“Nigerians Need Long Hugs” Simi Emotionally Expresses


Nigerian singer Simi, renowned for her soulful tunes, recently took to the X-Platform, formerly known as Twitter, to share her thoughts on the need for long hugs in the country. Her message struck a chord with her followers, as many agreed that in the midst of economic and financial hardships in Nigeria, the comfort of a good hug is much needed.

Simi’s tweet pointed out the desire for extended hugs in Nigeria. The reason surrounding her statement stemmed from the ongoing economic and financial challenges in the country, with rising prices for basic necessities. Her followers resonated with her sentiment, emphasizing that, indeed, Nigerians needed long hugs.

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Recall that In a surprising revelation back in August 2023, Simi has revealed a lesser-known side of herself. She shared her philosophy of experiencing each day as it comes, giving her all to the present and calmly facing whatever lies ahead. Simi stressed the importance of not obsessing over uncontrollable factors and refraining from chasing what isn’t meant for her. Her contentment with her current blessings and gratitude for living her dreams in her own way resonated with her followers.

Also, On her 35th birthday in April, Simi took to Instagram to celebrate the occasion with a series of stunning photos. While acknowledging the milestone, she praised herself as the most genuine person she knows, marking the special day with grace and self-appreciation.

Simi’s husband, Adekunle Gold, gave an insightful interview on Famous TV, shedding light on his marriage to the talented singer. He expressed his gratitude for being married to someone who understands his career and discussed the ongoing learning process of prioritizing life, family, and more. Adekunle Gold highlighted his commitment to checking in on his loved ones and ensuring that when he’s at home, he dedicates his full attention to his wife and daughter.





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