New Stats Reveal Who Has Scored More Goals From Open Play Than Penalties Between Ronaldo And Messi 

Lionel Messi would have been a better goalscorer in ten out of 12 campaigns if there were penalties counted in their respective goal tallies.


The Barcelona star and the Juventus striker have been going next to neck in the past 11 seasons with goals scored for their respective clubs perterm.


One football fan has re-ignited the claim that Messi would have beaten Ronaldo’s goal-tally ten times on 12 occasions.


During the just-concluded 2019-20 season, Messi scored 26 times from open play compared to the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s 23 goals.


But Messi has insisted that he is less concerned about scoring goals and would rather help his team win trophies.


The six-time Ballon d’Or winner explained:


“I think less and less about scoring goals. I’m starting to step back more and more to be the creator rather than the one who finishes.


“Obviously I like scoring, and if have a chance I’ll take it, but every time I go on to the pitch I’m less focused on scoring goals and more focused on the game. I’ve never been obsessed with goals.” 

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