NECO 2021: List Of States Where Schools Were Derecognised For Mass Cheating

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On Friday, October 29, the National Examinations Council (NECO) released the results of the 2021 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

While announcing the release of the results, Professor Dantani Ibrahim Wushishi, the registrar of NECO, released some statistics regarding the exam.

Among others, Professor Wushishi said some schools in some states were derecognised for two years for their involvement in mass cheating.

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Below is a list of states affected:

1.Bauchi state (one school)

2. Kaduna state (one school)

3. Bayelsa state (one school)

4. Katsina state (two schools)

20 supervisors blacklisted

The NECO registrar also said 20 supervisors were also blacklisted for various offences including “poor supervision, aiding and abetting, connivance with non-candidates to write answers on chalkboard, compromise and extortion.”

He added that the council recorded 20,003 various cases of examination Malpractices, representing 1.63% this year, which is lower than the 2.61% cases in 2020.

Professor Wushishi said: “The council has a long-standing tradition for zero tolerance for malpractice. Thus, it can be noticed that the malpractice incidence in 2021 dropped compared to 2020.”

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