My Shocking True Story: How Getting Fired By My Digital Marketing Coach Helped Me Make $365,508 In 5-Days – OPE BANWO

Famous lawyer cum motivational speaker and internet expert, Barr. Ope Banwo has revealed in a piece how he made a whopping sum of $365,508 in just five days. According to him, this only came after he was fired by his former pay-master.

Read his epistle below:

Dear Friends, I have an explosive and shocking story for you this morning.

Did I ever tell you that I was once fired from a $397-a-Month Product Launch Coaching program by my mentor, and internet marketing friend, because of a stupid mistake I made?

Did I also explain to you how that heartbreaking incident ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me in my business?

First let me ask you, how would you feel if you took 4 years to cultivate a relationship with a top internet marketing guru, all the while dreaming of the day he would help you have a break-out product launch, only to get fired from his new program because of a silly mistake you made?

How do you think you would feel if you counted on a well-connected top player in the industry to help you break through years of frustration online, and then lost the opportunity, through a stupid mistake?

Would you crawl into your shell, cry and sulk?

Would you simply give up, and go back to your ‘normal’ job?

Would you hate that guru and never speak to him again?

Well, I did not sulk, and I did not give up.

I also did not hate my guru friend and mentor. He is still my distance Mentor and role model till tomorrow. He is that good.

Instead of hating him, I actually apologized profusely to him because I did do something bad that really upset him.

Then, I went ahead and got my product creation and launch done anyway, without my hero, and succeeded spectacularly!

That ‘disappointing incident’ ended up making me $365,508 in 5 days and the firing incident will go down as one of the pivotal incidents in my new found digital marketing career.

Imagine that!

This is a story you need to hear. It will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE and your perspectives about life and business.

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Getting fired from the $399 coaching program not only led me to dig down into myself, come up with a winning formula that has been on my computer all along, and make $365,508 in 5 days.

I also shocked everyone by winning 2 Product-Of-The-Day awards in the space of 3 days on JVZoo, and made the Top 10 Leaderboards for 5 straight days IN Nov 9TH- 13th, 2016 [I will show you PROOF on this free Online training]

What makes this story an even more compelling one is that before this incident, I had never launched a major product before on JVZoo.

Now I want to share THIS amazing story with you.

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– I also want to show you how to bring that product to the market for a 6-figure payday, even if you have never launched a product before in your life.

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Your Wealth is Waiting
Dr Ope Banwo

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