Following the presidential sack of Suleiman Abba, Mr. Solomon Arase takes his place as the new Inspector-General of Police.

Before his latest appointment, Mr. Arase was head of the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department.

He has a Bachelors and Masters degree in law and political science and strategic studies, according to African Spotlight.

He is also a Fellow of the Nigerian Defence College.
Legisreports describes him as “a gentleman, terrific policeman,” and writes the following paragraph about him: “There is a myth, perhaps a common one that the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) is not your friend.

Granted, the NPF is generally not an institution most Nigerians talk about with a great smile. The force has come under many negative headlines, the officers and men of the law enforcement agency have been abused, probably due to the common attitude of a few.

Suleiman Abba
Suleiman Abba

Putting all of these in mind, LEGISPROFILE will in the next edition, introduce an officer of the Nigerian Police Force that is different, well-spoken, a lover of Nigeria, a believer of rule of law, a policeman per excellence. His name is Mr. Solomon Arase an Assistant Inspector General of Police by rank (AIG).

AIG Arase heads Federal Inteligence Bureau (FIB).”

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