Medical Condition Of Lady Who Was Used By Different Pastors For Same Miracle, Has Been Uncovered

drama as two nigerian pastors allegedly use same woman for same miracle
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The lady with a bulgy stunted arm which goes back to its normal size after being prayed for, seems to have had a long relationship with Pastors as she has also been spotted with two other Pastors.

The two new Pastors also used her for same miracle at their different churches. One of the Pastors has been identified as Prophet Abbey Godswill, who is reportedly the founder of Ambassadors of Christ Assembly.

The woman’s medical condition is said to be Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS), a group of genetic connective tissue disorders with symptoms which may include loose joints, joint pain, stretchy skin, and abnormal scar formation.

There’s no cure for EDS, but the symptoms can often be treated and managed. While some forms of EDS result in a normal life expectancy, those that affect blood vessels generally decrease life expectancy.

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