Maritime Amazon, Ada Akpunonu’s Wise Plan for Retirement

One important feature that differentiates the rich from the poor is their ability to think ahead of others. Like an eagle, successful people look beyond their present condition and eagerly plug into the future. This noble feature of the rich is what is now playing out in the life of influential society woman, Barrister Ada Ebubedike Akpunonu.

Ada as her friends simply call her is presently the Vice-President of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agent (ANLCA), a position she has occupied for the past six years. Through her office and by a dint of hard work, she enjoys a very robust relationship with the powers that be in the maritime sector. And this in turn has given her more adulation and wealth.

Right now, Ada’s status in the maritime sector is envied by many as she’s become a determinant factor.  What also added to the envy is her luxurious lifestyle. A prominent figure in the society, the University of Calabar law graduate is a woman obsessed with fashion and good life. Unlike some affluent who cautiously spend their money, Ada spends her money on good fashion items; be it bag, shoes, jewelries, clothes or whatever catches her fancy.

However, despite her philanthropy and larger-life, what is so striking is that Ada has a very big plan for the future. Right now, the Anambra born businesswoman is said to have invested her money wisely in housing properties and other lucrative businesses away from the notice of many. Another big plan we also heard she has subtly made is her resolve to fully return to the bar when she’s retired from her maritime job. But how soon this would be is what we cannot ascertain for now.

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