Manchester United: Bruno Fernandes reacts to Ten Hag’s strict rules, punishment

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Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, has reacted to manager Erik ten Hag’s strict rules and punishment at the club.

Fernandes believes Man United’s discipline in the squad has improved following Ten Hag’s arrival at Old Trafford, adding that he wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Ten Hag had arrived at Manchester United this summer with a list of new rules for players, which included punishments for being late and a mobile phone ban during mealtimes.

“We missed that for a while and discipline is important,” said Fernandes, as quoted by Mirror UK.

“Discipline is not only the way you play, the position that you have, what you have to do, it’s also off the pitch.

“Don’t be late for the meetings, don’t be late for the meals. That is really important because if everyone is on time and someone comes late, he should be punished.

“That is really good that he’s doing that and amazing because I like to be on time, so I won’t have problems with that.”

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