Man Acting Jesus In Church Play Screams And Angrily Storms Out After Being Flogged Too Hard (Video)

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As part of activities marking the Easter festival associated with Christians, a hilarious video has popped up about a man who stormed out of a live drama enacting the Jesus Story to commemorate the festival.

Just as we all know, some churches replicate the famous Biblical part of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection which underline the essence of the famous Christian festival. In Nigeria, a play of that sort was enacted but unfortunately, the main character who was playing the role of Jesus stormed out in the middle of the play.

In the viral video, the man was carrying a cross on his back just like Jesus did, but one of the guards who appeared to have forgotten for a moment that it was a play, flogged him too hard and the actor immediately shouted ”Jesus! Wetin happen?’‘ as he couldn’t bear the pain.

Watch the video;

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