Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder Living Faith Church World Wide

Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder Living Faith Church World Wide
Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder Living Faith Church World Wide

This is not the best of times for the Living Faith Church (Winners chapel in New York as US authority is beaming searchlights on the church’s activities over alleged bank forgery and identity theft.

The investigation is sequel to a petition written by the founding pastor of the New York church, Pastor Olakunle Onaleye who has been having issues with Bishop Oyedepo and the leadership of the church in Nigeria for failing to comply with their orders.

In the petition, Onaleye alleged Identity theft, Money laundering and immigration frauds.

Pastor Onaleye in an exclusive interview with African Examiner said after he registered the New York church without any financial support from the headquarters, he was then chased away from the
church by Bishop Oyedepo’s emissaries — senior pastors, who came to New York to forcefully hijack the church and enforce the Bishop directives.

According to him, Bishop Oyedepo did not send him to the US to establish the church stressing that he came to America through the green card lottery in which Oyedepo himself has preached against
in the past describing it as modern day slavery.

Because the Bishop did not believe in the green card lottery, Onalaye stated that the headquarters did not support his relocation to the US, noting that he came on his own, registered the church
with his money but when the church began to make money, they became interested.

They (headquarters) borrowed $31,000 from me; they said they wanted to use it to repair their aircraft in Houston, Texas.
“They returned only $15,000. The problem then started when I asked them to return the balance of the money they borrowed that

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