Lewd Singer, Naira Marley Turns New Leaf, Becomes Islamic Teacher

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Naira Marley

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Controversial Hip-hop singer, Naira Marley, has really changed the perceptions of people towards him in this holy month of Ramadan.


Since the beginning of Ramadan, Naira Marley, real name Azeez Fashola, who is well known for his lewd lyrics has been serenading his fans with the teachings of Islam.

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Naira Marley is known for inciting sex, alcohol, and drugs in his music but that seems to be on hold for now in this Ramadan period.


Naira Marley, 25, In less than 14 months, became Nigeria’s most controversial singer with at least 3 viral songs and large followership on social media and music scene.

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The president of ‘No Manners Gang’ is with 3.1 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million followers on Twitter.


Since Ramadan kicked off, Naira Marley has been sharing Qur’an verses and Islamic worthy quotes. Here are some of his citations: “May Allah shower Ramadan’s blessing on all of us and accept our prayers and fasts. RamadanMubarak.


“Prayer is an amazing exchange. You hand over your worries to ALLAH and ALLAH hands over his blessings to you.


“The Quran was revealed in this month.

“It’s a month of Blessing, Mercy and forgiveness.

“The doors of heaven are opened.

“The doors of hell are closed.

“The shaytaan is chained up.

“Rewards are multiplied from 10-700 times.

“(laylatul-qadr) night is better than 1000 months.
Among the beauties of Islam is that you make dua for your brothers and sisters in Islam without knowing them and in return the angels make dua for you.

“Fasting is only 1% of not eating and drinking, the rest of the 99% is bringing your heart and soul closer to Allah.
“You will never be able to please all of the people all of the time, so concentrate on pleasing your maker (ALLAH) because that’s what really matters.

“Salam alaykum brothers & sisters
“A sin may result a person entering paradise because of the remorse and regrets that follows. A good deed may result hell because of the ego and arrogance revolved around it.

“A person may commit a sin and as a result of it, the person enters paradise.
“A person may commit a good deed and as a result of it, the person enters hell.
“A word of truth that may hurt small is better than a lie that later hurts for a lifetime.”

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